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St Sithney Church Sithney


St Sithney ChurchSt Sithney Church

Sithney Church is a grade 1 listed building.

It is a 15th Century Church built on a Norman foundation.

1st 3rd 4th Sundays 11:15 am Sung Eucharist

2nd Sunday11:15 am Sung Matins (BCP)

1st Sunday 6pm Sung Evensong (BCP)

Patronal Festival 19th September

Update on restoration 6/08/2018

Restoration reveals remains

Work on the rebuilding of the floor at St Sithney Church halted on discovery of the skeletal remains of people once buried beneath the floor.

Satisfied that the remains were neither recent nor suspicious the Coroner and Police cleared the site for continuation of the exploration of the skeletons. It appears that the bones were left in situ after a Victorian restoration of the church.

Contract builder Shaun Rothwell from Rothwell Historical Restorations said, “Our builders were not surprised by the finding of a few bones to begin with but then got a shock when, the more they dug, the more full skeletons were discovered.”

Chartered Building Surveyor Chris Hunter from Scott & Co. said, “These remains are an interesting find that has meant we have to hold any further work whilst an archaeology company dig further.”

Archaeologist James Gossip from Cornwall Archaeological Unit said, “This work has uncovered some important facts, adding to our knowledge not only of life in Sithney and past burial practice but also helping us understand how St Sithney Church developed over time.”

Vicar, the Revd Dr Peter Johnson, said “Whilst these finds put a block on the continuation of our restoration we are mindful that we want to respect those who previously worshipped and lived in the parish. We shall plan a dignified re-burial of the bones and these remains will, as our Church Treasurer said, ‘continue under the care of St Sithney.’ “

The Parish Church Council of St Sithney Church held a short viewing session when members of the public were able to get a limited view of part of the dig in  August 2018.



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